Adoption in India: A Change in Perceptive

Adoption in India is regulated by the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015, and the Adoption Regulations, 2017. These laws provide a legal framework for the adoption of children in India and outline the procedures and requirements for adoption. Over the years, there have been several changes in the adoption landscape in India. Some of the notable changes include:   Earlier, only married couples were eligible to adopt. However, single individuals are now also allowed to adopt. The adoption process has become more streamlined and transparent, establishing the Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) as the nodal body for all adoption-related matters. There has been a shift towards in-country adoption, emphasizing placing children with families within India rather […]

6 Types of Adoption in India You should Know About!

Becoming a parent is one of life’s happiest moments, but life comes with its own challenges. Not every couple gets the pleasure of being biological parents and raising their own children. But that does not mean they can’t be a parent. Adoption is the best thing for couples wishing to have children.  There are not one but 6 ways through which you can welcome a child into your family and be a parent.    1. Open Adoption The biological mother can choose the prospective adoptive parents to adopt her child. She can meet and be in touch with the child even after adoption.    Pros The child has access to significant medical data, which can be used to identify genetic […]

BTS: Under the Skyhigh

Remember! A true form of education can only be experienced with the full contribution of both– the teacher and the environment. With the motive to help budding learners achieve great heights and success, we at Sapney leave no stone unturned to make that happen. The first job of being as privileged is to help others to become one. The service of humanity is the service of the almighty. With a vision to improve the studying conditions of little dreamers residing in a small village in Greater Faridabad, Sapney hosted an event by the name Under the Skyhigh in collaboration with Myra Foundation.    Under the Skyhigh was a tremendous success. With a vision to motivate and uplift the little dreamers […]

FloorMap of Under the skyhigh

Hello folks, As the event Under the skyhigh is coming close, Sapney is all set to uplift the dream of little dreamers living under the shadow of under-construction tall buildings. Sapney is a charitable trust that strictly follows no money donation rule. Further, during events, the preference to pledge and donate is only given to those who can be present at the event.  With a vision to help about 50-60 children living there, our members have already actively pledged various items for donation. With everyone’s support and love, we managed to garner items worth over Rs. 35000 for these little children. Isn’t it amazing!! Under the skyhigh is a vision, a small initiative by Sapney in collaboration with the Myra […]

Under the skyhigh: Back with the bang with another charity event

Welcome, Hi, Sapney is back with it another event in collaboration with Myra foundation on 12th November 2022 at Village Badholi, near the gas agency, Greater Faridabad. With COVID-19, our many physical events and planning came to a halt. But now, the dust has settled, and it’s time to rise and lift each other again. Greater Faridabad is a developing city with lots of undergoing construction, resulting in many labor families living over there. Having said that, the beneficiaries will be children belonging to those families who are doing their best to indulge in academics and live a healthy life.   Join hands to provide support and care to these children. The immediate requirements will be: Whiteboard 3×5 with stand 25 […]

One Dreamer at a Time: No-Cash Donation Policy at Sapney

One Dreamer at a Time: No-Cash Donation Policy at Sapney The true meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away. True contentment in life results from our willingness to contribute rather than our possessions. Anyone can donate money out of kindness. However, giving a child your time, blessings, or required products might have an even bigger impact on their life. Similarly, SAPNEY- a charitable trust, does not support getting help in the form of money. We run a NO-CASH donation program where you or anybody nearby can give clothes, toys, or dry rations to underprivileged children. Make a bigger impression this year. Charity is not necessarily about giving cash. You […]

4 Important Facts You Should Know Before Adopting!

4 Important Facts You Should Know Before Adopting! “Adoption is not the call to have the perfect rosy family. It is the call to give love, mercy, and patience.” Although adoptive parents often tap the option of adoption as a practical way to start a family, luckily, the results of adoption are more prominent and satisfying than they could have ever dreamed. Children’s growth and emotional health have proven better through adoption than under a temporary care arrangement. You and your family not only gain a child from adopting but someone to love and be loved for life. But, if unaware, the adoption path can become difficult and bumpy. Thus, excluding all the jargon related to adoption (which is often […]

Adoption in India

Adoption in India In India and around the globe, the adoption of children is on a constant rise.  Adoption is generally done on three main basis–  the parents are unable to conceive a child of their own when a single parent desires to start his/her own family, or they simply want to help and offer a better living to the child abandoned by their parents.  With constant efforts of educational institutions, government, and NGOs like Sapney, adoption, which was once frowned upon in India, is now openly discussed and considered in our society. To guarantee full protection and safety of the adopted child and ensure authenticity during the whole process, The Central Adoption Resource Authority is officially made in charge […]

Simple ways you can help during the Coronavirus crisis

2020, probably the most highlighted year of your life and all for infamous reasons. The year embarked on the spread of the noble Coronavirus all nation and worldwide, and the awful events just never stopped since then. From pandemic to natural calamities to humanitarian crisis to political clashes, name anything. While all these crazy events have been occurring around you, one thing you definitely should now realize is – your PRIVILEGE. Since you are reading this, I assume you have your laptop or smartphone with you, you have the comfort of a nice home where you are accessing our page. My friend, this privilege that you have, something very much common to you, is a luxury to many right now […]

Sapney Anniversary

Completed 16 wonderful years We are maturing and as we grow, our responsibilities and accountability are growing with us. We have completed 16 wonderful years of our best work in preserving the childhood of several children, and we wish to contribute more in the upcoming years. We saw some new members joining us and some may have forgotten us, but surely the group is stronger and all willing to do great work and preserve the childhood. Here are some of the activities we did in the year that passed : 2 kids were sponsored for their computer education. One of them was employed as well by The Dreamer Designs when he turned 18 for administrative and data entry jobs amongst […]


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