Rajkot (Gujarat), June 13 (ANI): Ronak Vitha, a four-and-a-half-year-old boy from Gujarat’s Rajkot city has set a record by doing 1,500 push-ups in 40-minutes.

Ronak’ s mother Ruchi Vitha said her son’s interest in push-ups began, when he just a toddler.

“When he was two years old, we used to practice yoga at home, stretching exercises and he used to perform yoga on his own, something that was very difficult for us to do. That’s when we realised that his body is flexible,” said Ruchi Vitha.

“Then we made him do one or two push-ups and the next day he did ten on his own,” she added.

The young boy eyes upon becoming a tennis player and wishes to shape his body like actor Aamir Khan in the movie ‘Ghajini’.

“I want to become a tennis player and want to have a body like in ‘Ghajini’,” said Ronak.

Ronak’s parents contacted the actor’s trainer for the film, Satyajit Chaurasia, and it was under his guidance that the boy was able to set the record.

His mother said that the act has brought much criticism from people, but she added that Ronak’s record attempt was made was under the guidance of doctors and trainers.

Ronak’s family also plans to get him to set an attempt that would qualify for the Guinness World Records. (ANI)


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