DREAM 2010 has been successful indeed..lets find the success story from its member..


As always, it was a great experience to be there with the kids. It was encouraging to receive the blessing and support of teachers. There would always be something or the other that would be going on in our lives and these experiences with sapney help to come out of that flow and see life from a different perspective. Thank you everyone.


Its always been great to be with you all. Kudos!!

Chander Mohan Gulwani

Awesme Pics ….. Proud to be a part of sapney .:-)))


And yes my thanks to all the people who made the effort of coming there and contributing their time and money. It wouldn’t be a success without each and everybody’s equal efforts..
Cheers to all the Sapney members!!!!

Hi Nishant,
Yes you’re damn right..dream 2010 was a success. Its an awsome feeling when you get to do or take time for kids and people who really value and look forward to you for the same. In the end f the day when you ask yourself you can actually feel that you made a difference in so many people’s life by just giving that time. Like you said it doesn’t take too much to do something like this, just need a heart to feel their pain, happiness, excitement etc..
Would also like to add that many people think of doing such activites but very less implement it and hats off to you for that!!!!God bless you always ..

The experience was overwhelming.A day in Seva Sadan was like a dream(sapney).Thanks nishant for organizing such an event. Spending time with those small children is an unforgettable moment.Wish you lots of luck for future and wish my bonding with sapney gets stronger with time…..

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  1. Geetanjali 14 years ago

    I feel bad. I missed it. 🙁

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