Hi friends,

Shall we dream bigger?

It was long back in 2007, we got suggestions for registering” SAPNEY”.  At that time there were rounds of discussions and ultimately it was decided that we will have to wait a little more to be prepared for formal registration. When Sapney was started, no one knew where and when it may just last.  Its really an achievement for all the members that we have taken it along for more than 6 years .

What makes us think so?

Today we are settled, earning and contributing members of society. We know our nests, we know where we will be in next few years of our lives.  There is a great deal of certainty in our plans.  So far we have conducted many successful events. We feel strengthened when  people ask about upcoming event on their own. Sapney is now rich and strong with you all being a part of it.

What is the need?

We will be able to dream in a bigger way. There will be more transparency in financial terms. We will be able to have more people with us (People trust registered organization more !). More  the merrier.

What will change?

Nothing much.

Maybe, we will  go for slight name change of our group.

Members will get tax exemptions on the donations. (Hurray!!!!)

What’s ur catch on it?

We will love to hear, your suggestions/ views on this.  We need your trust to register SAPNEY as “trust” . If you have any sources to do so, do tell us..



“Preserving childhood”

  1. Pradeep 13 years ago

    Sounds good! If there is any help you need with registering, I could give you some contacts for it. All the best! 🙂

  2. Rajesh Trilokhria 13 years ago

    Congrats… and move on, where ever you need me u will see me there only.

  3. Sumit Chawla 13 years ago

    Hey Nishant,

    Thats Awesome man, Go for it, we are with you,

  4. Ruchira sehgal 13 years ago

    Hey, go for it!
    I miss events bcoz I stay in Mumbai but however possible I’ll do contribute 🙂
    keep posting about upcoming events

    Love and Light
    Ruchira 🙂

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