It was so good to have more than 30 people attending the event on 5th of June. We request all you people who attended the function to please share your experiences with others, so that we can make it better next time and have more people with us. We are expecting at least one  comment from your end. Thanks

  1. Rijo Joy 13 years ago

    Hats off to you nishant for arranging such a great event. You are really made my day on Sunday. I am really sad about one thing that I could not much of my time with the children. Thanks again for inviting me for the function. Hoping that you will invite me for future events of SAPNEY

  2. Nitish Girotra 13 years ago

    Twas Grand, astounding… Felt so very amazing being with those little kids – Full of life, full of energy, full of liveliness… Each one a star of there own…
    While some were driving hard to match up to the velocity and swiftness of John Abraham on there cycles, there were some who were thankful and ecstatic to find so many books and colors and pencils to pour there heart out… to draw whatever they want to… I could see that excitement and thrill on there faces when they were playing with those balloons and and balls… Yeah!!!.. Those kids made me forget that I am no more a kid now…Actually no words can describe how it felt… WoW it was…Would love be there …Always.. All the best Nishant and Sapney.. You Rock.. !!!…

  3. sumit chawla 13 years ago

    You want us to comment our experiance of that unforgettable day in words, let me tell you one thing mate………
    The experiance which we had that day can not be expressed in words.. 🙂
    But still if you insist let me try:
    It was one of the best days of my life, though i was bit shy on how to start with those kids but when i started it was really amazing to c the creativity in them, And i must mention that it would be really hard to forget some of the kids. I remembered the kid in yellow dress driving his Yellow bycycle at a speed of 180KM/hr i am sure he must be feeling like “michael schumacher” at that point of time, I also remember the boy who was happy as if he has wan a lottery ticket when he blowed a baloon (we all know that blowing a baloon is a easy task for a kid as well, but what if a kid has only 1 small finger in his hand). Thats what impressed me a lot.
    My recommendation or advice: if you are drawing with kids never ever ask then what they want to paint 🙁 ….. they might ask you draw a CAR, ORANGE, Apple (whcih are easy options) BUT an AEROPLANE, an ANT, and Cockroach. yaar “Cockroach” how can any one draw a “Cockroach”
    Also while writing this comment i remember a very cute girl who was lost who was quite who was not willing to go to any one coz she was dying for a touch from her parents her eyes were busy searching for parents, i tried to play with her tried to bring some smile on her face but she!! she was only busy in her thoughts and eyes only and only searching for answers.

    Sumit Chawla

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