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After being part of NGO for almost 8 years, we have discovered a way by which a NGO can be run without monetary funds. Yes ! you can help people without much money as well. We are mentioning the ways which are more applicable to child welfare NGO, but most of these will be applicable to other formats as well.

Here are a few things that can be done:

1. Teach for free

2. Ask for donations in kind rather than cash. People are more comfortable about bringing 100 notebooks on their own as compared to paying for 20 notebooks in cash.

3. Ask your members to donate old toys and clothes. Also insist them to ask their neighbors (specially if they have growing children)

4. Use social media for campaigning, marketing and communication. It gives wider reach and is less expensive than printing.

5. For your cash requirements, you can collaborate with some school, college, institution for their monthly stock of old newspapers. After selling this scrap you can have good amount of money.

6. Sell photographs from your events to members. Members are sure to buy pics of their good deeds. Book it before getting it printed by showing pics on screen.

7. Collaborate with preschools/schools for donations of toys and old clothes from children on special occasions like Diwali or Christmas. You can also conduct a small event in school for acknowledging their support.

8. Ask friends for their services rather than paying for it. Some of your friends are sure to have passion for photography and good cameras. Invite them over and ask them to click good moments. Like wise a designer in your group might help you for designing good posters.

9. Be honest in your approach. Accept money only if you need it and spend it wisely.

10. Be as transparent as you can and people will be more than willing to contribute. People like making efforts to bring stuff themselves rather than just just giving money and not knowing what happened to it. Make best efforts to call people to events you conduct so that they can experience joy of giving and feel proud.


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