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We visited a NGO a couple weeks back to understand their requirements and they are in need of monthly ration. The NGO is run by a very special man who is himself differently and exceptionally abled.

The beneficiaries are 8-12 young boys who are visually challenged but doing their best to study and fit in the corporates. They are of age 15-22 and the NGO provides them accommodation and food apart from the study material.

Here is the list of things that you guys can contribute to.

  • Sugar 10 kg .
  • Red Chili Powder 500g
  • Haldi 500g
  • Dhaniya powder 250g
  • Garam masala 200g
  • Jira 100g
  • Rajma 1.5kg
  • Kale chole 1.5kg
  • Udhad daal 1kg
  • Masurki dall 1kg
  • Arhar ki daal 1kg
  • Mung chelka 1kg
  • Chana daal 1kg
  • Aata 20 kg

Since the beneficiaries are elder boys we encourage if anyone wishes to share some good audio books if you have.

Contribution preference will be given to those members who can be present on the occasion. Also, we can only provide packed food items and not loose ones due to security and safety concerns. eg. Packed pulses against loose ones.

Please let us know if you can make it for the day and encourage them in their journey to glory.

None of the above points is mandatory, but even if you opt for one of them for our events, it will mean a lot. The best way to be committed to the cause is to announce your contribution. Comment on our facebook page with your choice of contribution and we will be happy and grateful to acknowledge it. You may also commit your contribution by sending SMS to 9811725067.

Pledge your contributions at facebook.com/sapney

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