2020, probably the most highlighted year of your life and all for infamous reasons. The year embarked on the spread of the noble Coronavirus all nation and worldwide, and the awful events just never stopped since then. From pandemic to natural calamities to humanitarian crisis to political clashes, name anything. While all these crazy events have been occurring around you, one thing you definitely should now realize is – your PRIVILEGE. Since you are reading this, I assume you have your laptop or smartphone with you, you have the comfort of a nice home where you are accessing our page. My friend, this privilege that you have, something very much common to you, is a luxury to many right now in this situation of crisis.

Our team from Sapney urges you to realize your privilege and help those who are actually underprivileged.

We will further discuss a few simple ideas, and invite everyone, individuals and organizations, to act upon during these vulnerable times.

  1. Donate to the less privileged
  2. Something very common but a very important drive – donation. Families of migrants, small children, old age homes, are actually suffering from hunger if not from the coronavirus. Being left hungry weakens the immunity of a human, making them a magnet to the coronavirus. The best gift you can give them in this crisis is the gift of immunity.

    We understand the economic balance of every household has been on mayhem during the crisis. If individual donation is too much for your household, a donation can be done using crowdfunding too. The initiative is important, execution will follow. Also, you can distribute the leftovers to our little furry friends on the streets. With the shutdown of the market, days are hard for them too.

  3. Check on elderly neighbors
  4. Had you ever thought in your wildest dreams that even immunity could be a privilege? It’s a proven fact, the elderly population is more prone to the virus due to their lack of immunity. Like you are fighting against the virus, their battleground is just a lot rougher than yours.

    There are many elderly couples and senior citizens living alone on their own in flats and houses. The basic humanitarian act you can do is keep a regular check on them. Ask them if their medication is available. If not, try to arrange for them, it’s not advisable for them to leave the houses. But do maintain the social distancing protocols, as you can be a carrier too and chances of their survival is lesser than yours.

  5. Support small local businesses
  6. Go vocal for local. This might sound like a political agenda but our only and prime concerns are for the local businessmen and their families. The MNCs and their employees are facing heavy losses too but things are much worse for the local business owners. Their sole source of income has been shut down. Maybe it’s time you do your shopping from the local shops. If you want to invest, you can calculate the risks and invest in the local startups and businesses you think will have a good ROI. If you have good social media exposure, give a free shoutout to the local businesses. If you are a consultant, you can donate expertise free or cheaper than your usual rate. Meaning to give positive reviews to any local business? Now you have the time. Browse for other ways and options you can be a help to the local business communities.

  7. Reach out to people in self-isolation
  8. You never know what kind of anxiety or depression they can be going through. Do your bit – send them funny memes, GIFs, chat with them, offer them help. Don’t forget about them, give them the social support they need at the moment. Also, send them cards and positive messages bought from the local shops, another idea to help local businesses.

  9. Stay in touch with family through video chats, calls, etc
  10. The least you want to do is – make your family worried about you. Many of you are away from your families and busy in the hectic schedule of your life. Your boss might need you every now and then and ZOOM calls might have become your recent most used app. But in between all the hustles you are going through, make sure you call your family. Let them know about your whereabouts. Be safe and let them know you are safe, and ask them to be safe – the minimum thing you have to do.

Feel free to adapt and share these simple ways. It is a time to come together and not knock each other out. We urge everyone to look around, look for further ways to help and reach out to people. If not anything, make sure to spread positivity around, you’d be surprised how even that little gesture can bring changes. It’s a pandemic, nothing good will come from individual benefits but a lot can happen from individual volunteering.


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