1. preservingchildhood 14 years ago

    we are Celebrating 6th Birthday !I am loving it. Thank you guys for making it possible

  2. Anshu 14 years ago

    a very very hapy birthday..may sapney grow with every pasing year..its my pleasure being a part of sapney..

  3. Anshu 14 years ago

    its lucky no-6 for sapney today..with its 6th birthday being celebrated on the 6th day of the 6th month of the year..

  4. Sumit Chawla 14 years ago

    Happy Birthday SAPNEY… would wish you all the best for future.

    I would like to thanks Nishant who who has gifted me such a nice gift by introducing to this highly socialized platform SAPNEY ,through which we can be a part of good cause, other wise this would have not been possible for people like me to step out and take such an initiative.

    Also, I would like to C SAPNEY organizing more number of events every now and then.

    Again, thanks and best wishes for future…

    Best Regards
    Sumit Chawla

    • preservingchildhood 14 years ago

      Thanks Sumit.

      Sapney is essentially made of people who think the way you do.We will be organizing more and more events together and will rock always! 🙂
      Thanks again for your support and wishes.

    • Nishant 14 years ago

      Thanks Sumit. It’s my pleasure to have you by my side to inspire. I still remember the way we were planning the event …looking out for better prices of diapers and finding sports ground for event… It was fun

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