Year 2007 marked the hottest summer of the decade. Both humans and animals fell prey to scorching heat.

SAPNEY, being sensitive about the tenderness of children, decided to do something which could bring relief to them from the merciless season. SAPNEY’s third event was a ccomprehensive output of the thought.

This time the venue was ASHA KIRAN, Rohini, an organisation for Special children.

With the permisssion of its management committee, the members of SAPNEY distributed cotton clothes, prickly heat powder, and toys amongst its beneficiaries.

Once again, not only does the children received SAPNEY with much warmth and excitement, but also SAPNEY felt incredible satisfaction. So receptive and inviting the children were, that the members found hard to say ‘bye’.

The event also made the members realize a totally different, but unfortunately a far too hard way of life. As a result, many eyes got wet, several hearts melted but each one of them thanked the gracious God.

Special Contributions: Rajan Gaur (Sunny). It would have been impossible without him.

  1. Aadhar Girotra 14 years ago

    This is one of the event that is closest to my heart. Excitement and happiness which was there among children was infectious. If there was any fear that how will we go about this event, it was removed just after meeting those children. They were the ones running the show.We smiled, played and enjoyed with them.

  2. Anshu 14 years ago

    Indeed it was tough to leave the kids..they were so affectionate and loving..I still remember the kid who held my hand with his tender fingers and said…didi, mat jao..hmm it was so touching..

  3. rajan gaur 14 years ago

    In year 2007-III post is written there mentally retarded children. I don’t like this. Lets call them especially challenged children.That would be better.

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