Friends of Sapney distributing Brailee books at AICB, gurgaon

Yet another incredible year fFriends of Sapney distributing Brailee books at AICB, gurgaonor SAPNEY. This was the year when most of us were taking a move ahead in life. We were graduates by now and moved to either a higher-level college or a new job.

Way back in the year 2005, when we laid the foundation of SAPNEY, we thought it to go with college and probably end with it too. But, the good news is that we continued.

By this time, the number of SAPNEY members had shrank. Best of the friends still remained together, also, a few others came in. Earning members led to generous fund generation from SAPNEY events.

In 2008, once again we went to the Blind school in Haryana and organised the event with the great assistance of Mr J L Kaul, Chairman of AICB.

Apart from all the nobility, there was a surprise element waiting out there for us. Guess what!! Children out there, not only remembered us by our names, but they also inquired about our friends, who had visited them close to 2 years back.

It was so beautiful to see the welcoming smiles and feel the enormous love. We met our favorite superkid, Pandey ji again.

Aadhar gave a presentation to the senior children, regarding money management.

Everyone (both the benefactor and the beneficiaries) enjoyed a lot and contributed in preserving childhood by spreading incessant smiles and monetarily fulfilling a few of their basic requirements.


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