sapney 2007

sapney 2007SAPNEY then organised an event at AICB Capt Chandan Lal, school for blind in Bahrangpur village, Haryana. The school is a part of a bigger association, All India Confederation for blind, Delhi. We planned the event with the solicit contribution of Mr J L Kaul, Chairman of AICB.

Braille books were purchased from biggest Braille press of Asia. Academics, comics, general knowledge, fiction, series of Harry Potter…et al were some of them.

The premises was situated in the interiors of Haryana. The school was connected through a broken road. But, nothing could deter the zeal with which SAPNEY marched towards its goal.

The members were received a warm welcome from the management. Children remained a little shy initially, but rounds of introduction excited them. With this their whiffed off their timidity and they embraced their SAPNEY friends. Songs, Dance, games…. followed like a miracle.

The event was another eye opener for all the members toward the harsh realities of life.

Special contributions: Aadhar Girotra, Sahil Arora, Ruchira sehgal and all the other members…

  1. Kanika 14 years ago

    I remember dis day very well when we all went to Chandan lal, school for blind. We all think that only our lives are full of problems, but after visiting this school I personally learned alot from these kids. They taught us to be happy even in problems. No matter what happens in life god is always there to secure us.
    At first, the kids as well as we people were shy but as time passed we became friends..
    Kids did various activities with us and it was all fun..
    I was overwhelmed to see all this…I thank to each & every member of SAPNEY as they contributed their best …

  2. RHYTHM 14 years ago

    The visit to this school is still fresh at the back of my mind as it was a day that turned my perception towards blind children. Although God hasn’t done much justice by taking away their way to see this beautiful world, but on the other hand he’s gifted them with astonishing powers to use their other senses with greater effect.
    I was privileged enough too see these kids & it was a wonderful, heart filling experience to spend space time with such young wonders.
    Looking forward to be a part of numerous occasions like these with the help of Sapney.

    I’d like to especially thank Nishant for taking such an initiative.

    Well done & god bless us all!

  3. Anshu 14 years ago

    hmm..pandey ji..he was sooo tweet and adorable..
    The spirits with which the kids sang and danced was commendable..they were so talented..

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